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About Us

Digicompass Infomatics India Limited launched in March 2017, is a startup headquartered in Chennai with a team size of 35 and growing. The company was started with a vision to provide business solutions across industries, with a current focus to deal with all aspects in the real estate sector. The company helps its clients to analyse and interpret information specific to their business needs and catalyses their growth. It strives to translate all Real Estate information to the minutest of the detail from the business perspective to the common man with enhanced user experience.


Who we are

Digicompass Infomatics India Ltd was founded in 2017 by G. Venkataramanan and members of his family. The company was incorporated on March 7, 2017.

Anybody doing business knows that information is power. A company’s ability to collate, analyse and interpret information has become a key indicator of success. At Digicompass Infomatics, we understand this need. It is this understanding that led us to start the company in March 2017.

The idea of Digicompass Infomatics India Limited started few year ago, when the company’s founder G. Venkataramanan and his colleagues realized how much information both the education and real estate businesses needed in order to be successful. From this, the idea to develop a repository for all kinds of industry-related information was born. Now, with a team of over 100, the company is realizing its vision is to provide targeted intelligence across industries to help customers take informed decisions.

At Digicompass, we are passionate about data. We are committed to provide our customers the best information from a variety of sources to help them fuel their growth. With this in mind, our team has been working passionately to ensure you get the right information at the right time.

Our Product

We provide the most intuitive real estate property aggregator App.

1SqFt helps you make smart business choices on the go. Download the app to get the latest industry-specific information tailor-made to suit your needs.

We at 1SqFt, understand that hyper local is the new global. You can join us a common man or businessman and observe the listings for your personal or business needs. We also connect you to service providers from across the country to help you get the best possible services.

As a successful businessman, choose 1SqFt to optimize your marketing strategy with up-to-date information.

Through this App, customers can search through our repository of publicly available information. Based on this information, we will provide suitable analytics too to our customers. The App brings to you traders and service providers from various industries across the country. Use 1SqFt to enter a nation-wide movement towards increased business opportunities and home needs.